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Facetmap is both a data model and a software package, created to let users browse complex metadata while retaining a simple, familiar, menu interface.

"The business is pretty impressed at how quick we got our product out -- owed in no small part to the fact that we could leverage Facetmap quickly and easily." - FlightCentre

Online Demos

Wine Demo graphic Kick off your visit with a fully annotated example of a facetmap.

Understand the concepts while touring a selection of wines.

Facetmap 2.1: The release for server-side web developers

We've been working in Java webserver environments quite a lot lately. We know that things really are easier if code is cleaner, and we know that code is cleaner if you take advantage of MVC frameworks and taglibs and so forth. Finally, Facetmap has got a new layer of skin that helps anyone doing web-level Java server code.

The new features in Facetmap 2.1, just released, are meant to quickly integrate Facetmap into your web application. For Facetmap 2.0 we wrote a new API from scratch for better integration. We've since built upwards to the MVC layer:

  • JSP taglibs for each module in a faceted browsing page. Construct your screens with minimal code.
  • Spring controllers and context data. Facetmap objects adapt cleanly to the Spring Framework.
  • More features configurable with property settings

This release looks great if you like to peek into the code. We think it really shortens the integration cost. And, we designed a new display to show it off; we think it remains businesslike while having a bit of DHTML fun. That said, there really isn't anything fundamentally different on the user-facing surface of the app. Our next release will be Facetmap 2.2: The release for client-side web developers.