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Facetmap is both a data model and a software package, created to let users browse complex metadata while retaining a simple, familiar, menu interface.

Faceted Classification Software Development

Here you can find documentation for Facetmap's Java API. If you know your way around JSP or any other Java-based page authoring language, you can use this API to write your own pages that use Facetmap objects. Java programmers may use this API to adapt their own objects to the Facetmap system.

Facetmap RFC: Help us finalize our new API

We are refactoring these interfaces to better expose the new functionality that's crept into Facetmap over the years. We invite you to read version 2.0 of the API and let us know what you think. Any comments, questions or requests are welcomed at

Version 2.0 RFC
Complete Javadoc API

Version 1.0.x
Javadoc API for core Facetmap components