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Facetmap is both a data model and a software package, created to let users browse complex metadata while retaining a simple, familiar, menu interface.

Build Your Own Facetmap: Frequently Asked Questions

How do I show my facetmap demo to others?
Give them the name that you provided when you submitted the facetmap. Then tell them to follow this link:, where they can enter that name.

Don't you have an interactive graphical tool that will help me build a facetmap?
Because the Facetmap data is expressed in XML, there's never seemed to be much point in writing a special editor just for Facetmap. There are visual XML editors out there, including some pretty cool ones that let you edit HTML renditions of XML data. Check out Xopus or Altova Authentic.

Why can't I assign multiple headings, from a single facet, to one of my resources? Travis has written a paper to try to answer this question in some depth. See Strict Faceted Classification.

My facetmap plaintext file looks fine to me. Why doesn't it work?
Be sure your file is plain text -- not a Word document, not HTML. If you open it in Notepad and it looks funny, we probably can't read it. Watch out for other text-editing pitfalls, like one line that word-wraps so it looks like two lines. If the error messages you get still just don't seem right, we're happy to help.

My facetmap XML file looks fine to me. Why doesn't it work?
Don't forget that the XML must conform to our spec, and must contain this line before the <facetmap> element:
<!DOCTYPE facetmap PUBLIC "-//CIA Headquarters//Facetmap spec 2.0//EN" "">
As usual, let us know if it just isn't working right.

I uploaded a facetmap; it worked; now it's gone. What's up?
We keep facetmaps around as long as possible, but we do have to make room for new ones. We promise to keep yours available for 7 days, but after that it may expire.

My metadata is in a different format. How can I automatically convert it to a facetmap file?
We want to help you do this, since there are so many different metadata formats in use. We intend eventually to understand many formats, but why not start with yours? Write us and tell us what you've got.

Can I password-protect my facetmap?
It's all in the name. If you want to protect against unauthorized viewing, pick a hard-to-guess name, like "mystuff94103". Sorry, but better security is not available except by special request.

Is there a charge to me, or some other obligation, if I set up a facetmap on this site?