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1. First, a quick definition of terms (our glossary has more complete definitions). A resource is one of the objects you want to find by navigating a facet map. In this case, the resources are bottles of wine -- specifically, bottles of wine pirated from wine.com and compiled into a sample dataset for this demo.

A facet is a certain classifiable characteristic of the resource -- a way to classify something. Here we have "Varietal", "Region", and "Price", which are different ways for different people to classify wines. The different facets allow each of those people to focus on what they want.

A heading is an attribute that each bottle of wine might have. Varietals, e.g. Merlot or Champagne, are headings here, as are such appellations as Tuscany or Sonoma Valley. Plenty of other attributes could be headings, like "12% alcohol", or "medium-bodied", or "wine I drank in high school", but we'd have to define more facets to support them.

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You've narrowed your search down to 431 results. Here are the top 10.
Turning Leaf 2000 White Zinfandel
Stone Creek 2000 White Zinfandel
RH Phillips 2000 White Zinfandel
Rabbit Ridge 2000 White Zinfandel
Montevina 2000 White Zinfandel
Mirassou 1999 White Zinfandel
Kenwood 2000 White Zinfandel
Ivan Tamas 1999 White Zinfandel
Fetzer 2000 White Zinfandel
De Loach 2000 White Zinfandel