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Facetmap is both a data model and a software package, created to let users browse complex metadata while retaining a simple, familiar, menu interface.

About Facetmap

Facetmap was constructed initially to demonstrate the concept of traversing multiple taxonomies simultaneously, and more recently to offer a data model and programming interface so that web designers can incorporate the process into their own sites.

Facetmap came into existence in order to address an apparent discontinuity in information architecture, which was: How to use faceted classification, regarded as a powerful "bottom-up" metadata system, yet not deprive users of the familiar hierarchical navigation that's typically considered a "top-down" structure. Everyone wants to give users more power over their browsing, but not to intimidate them with the complex metadata schemes they're wading through.

Facetmap is a data model that connects those top-down and bottom-up views of information. It's also a software solution so simple that we can take any metadata you've got, and turn it into a browsing system right here on our servers. Every page is generated when you request it, in order to display the efficiency of our unique technology.

If you have questions, or want to provide any feedback, we'd like to hear from you. Please contact:

Travis Wilson