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3. Of course, if we tried to put all the headings onscreen at once, the system wouldn't scale even to a hundred headings. So headings are structured in facets. In this demo, two facets (Varietal and Region) are taxonomies -- hierarchical arrangements of discrete headings. The Price facet is a spectrum -- a numerical range where any number in the range is a viable heading.

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You've selected these headings:
> Any Varietal > Bubbly
> Any Price > $0 through $19

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You've narrowed your search down to these 7 results:
Dom. Chandon NV Brut Classic
Dom. Chandon NV Blanc de Noirs
Codorniu N/V Cuvee Raventos
Codorniu NV Brut
Cinzano N/V Asti Spumante
Ballatore Spumante
Chevalier De France NV Blanc de Blancs