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3. Of course, if we tried to put all the headings onscreen at once, the system wouldn't scale even to a hundred headings. So headings are structured in facets. In this demo, two facets (Varietal and Region) are taxonomies -- hierarchical arrangements of discrete headings. The Price facet is a spectrum -- a numerical range where any number in the range is a viable heading.

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> Any Varietal > White Wines > Chardonnay

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You've narrowed your search down to 19 results. Here are the top 10.
Artesa 1999 Napa Chardonnay
Artesa 1999 Carneros Chardonnay
Arrowood 1998 Reserve Speciale Chardonnay
Arrowood 1999 Chardonnay
Arrowood 2000 Grand Archer Chardonnay
Armida 1998 Russian River Reserve Chardonnay
Armida 1999 Russian River Chardonnay
Argyle 1998 Chardonnay Reserve
Argyle 2000 Chardonnay
Argyle 1999 Nuthouse Reserve Chardonnay