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2. Facetmap is distinguished by its facet models. Notice that when you select a heading from a list, that list is replaced by a list of subheadings of the heading you just picked. This lets you get more specific if you want to -- just as when you browse a traditional hierarchy like Yahoo.

But you also get the benefit of letting users drill down into your resources using whatever criteria are most important to them -- the price-conscious user and the user with a picky palate are both served by the same system, as is the user who cares about both qualities.

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Ch. Reynella Old Cave Tawny Port (500 ml)
d'Arenberg 1996 Dry Dam Riesling
d'Arenberg 1995 Noble Riesling (half-bottle)
Alice White 2001 Chardonnay
Barwang 1997 Coonawarra Merlot
Banrock 2000 Merlot
Black Opal 1999 Cabernet/Merlot
Alice White 2000 Cabernet Sauvignon